Friday 11.16.18



50 Thrusters
30 Pull-ups
WOD Guidance
Pace the 1k row at 2k pace to be able to attack your thrusters. Choose a light weight on your dumbbells that lets you do big sets of 20+ reps. Choose a pull-up that you can do 10 repetitions of when you are fresh.
Box Brief
Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
Wednesday 11/21- No Evening Classes
Thanksgiving 11/22 and Friday 11/23- No Classes

Thursday 11.15.18

Caption This

Friday Light
45 Double Unders
30 Sit-ups
15 Kettlebell Swings
WOD Guidance
Great opportunity to work on your jump rope today. :45 seconds of double under attempts or single unders to scale today’s reps on the rope. Choose a number of sit-ups that lets you stay moving and a kettlebell that lets you go unbroken on the 15 swings.
Box Brief
Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
Wednesday 11/21- No evening classes
Thanksgiving 11/22 and Friday 11/23- No classes

Wednesday 11.14.18


Weightlifting Wednesday
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerk
WOD Guidance
Choose dumbbell’s that you can do all 9 reps in a row unbroken when fresh. Use the first few rounds to drill your technique then add weight as long as you can hit your reps within the minute and maintain good technique.
Box Brief
Tomorrow is Bring a Coworker Day!


Tuesday 11.13.18

I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.

Crazy Train
10 rounds of:
Row or Bike
:45 on :15 off
:30 on :30 off
:15 on :45 off
*Score= total calories rowed or biked
WOD Guidance
The shorter the interval, the higher the calories per hour. Fight to maintain your pace for all 10 rounds.
Box Brief
This is the final day to order your new TILT t-shirts and sweatshirts.


Monday 11.12.18

U.S Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes” Van Dorn

Team Wes
Teams of 2
800m Med Ball Run (switch every 200m)
14 Rounds (full round then switch)
5 Pull-ups
4 Burpee Box Jumps
3 Power Cleans
800m Med Ball Run (switch every 200m)
Wod Guidance
U.S. Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes” Van Dorn, 29, of Greensboro, North Carolina, died on Jan. 8, 2014, of injuries sustained in a helicopter crash off the coast of Virginia. He was a member of Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 14 at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia.Van Dorn was a well-rounded and skilled athlete. According to his friends, he “prided himself on his ability to lift huge weight with the big guys and run with the smaller ones.“Van Dorn is survived by his wife, Nicole; sons, Jaxton and Maddox; parents, Mark and Susan; brother, Max; and sister, Cara.

Choose a med ball that lets you run hard. Keep your rounds under :60. This one is fast and furious when its your turn and can you recover for your next round.

Box Brief
Full Schedule Today. Thank you to our Veterans. This is your day.

Friday 10.9.18

Nick Leonhardt


10 Hang Power Cleans
16 Calorie Row
30 Burpees
WOD Guidance
Choose dumbbells that you can do all 10 hang cleans unbroken and stay steady on the row. This one is all about the burpees. Chip away at the burpees by finding a pace you can maintain the whole workout.
Box Brief
Two years ago our gym community lost a great young man with a big smile and a kind heart. Nick loved to workout and was famous for doing the class workouts more than once in a day. Hug someone you love today.

Thursday 11.8.18


Teams of 2
10/7 Calorie Bike
15 Situps
20 Jumping Lunges
*partner does full round then switch
WOD Guidance
Go Hard when it’s your turn and expect to have just enough rest to do it all over again after your partner goes. Jumping lunges can be modified to alternating lunges. 10/side.
Box Brief
Today is Bring a Coworker Day!

Wednesday 11.7.18

Jack Attack

Inside Out Jerry
Row 2000 meters
Run 1 mile
Row 2000 meters
WOD Guidance
Pick a conservative pace on the run and row that allows you to keep a steady split time for 8-10 mins. Both the row and run are sub-maximal efforts within 1 minute of your personal bests.
Box Brief
Tomorrow is Bring a Coworker Day!


Tuesday 11.6.18


Teams of 2
10 Rounds of:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squat
*partner performs whole round then switch
WOD Guidance
Choose weights you can perform unbroken reps of 1 round when fresh.
BOX Brief
Bring a Coworker day is Thursday!

Monday 11.5.18

Lettuce congratulate Eileen Coyne, winner of the Nutrition Challenge!

3 rounds of:
1 min Wall Balls
1 min Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
1 min Box Jumps
1 min Push Press
1 min Calorie Bike
1 min Rest
WOD Guidance
Stay moving with close to unbroken sets for :45-:50 of each minute. Pick a pace to shoot for consistent repetitions every round.
Box Brief
Congratulations to Eileen Coyne for winning our first ever Nutrition Challenge! Everyone that participated showed great results in only 3 weeks! This will be our first of many nutrition challenges. Expect the next one in the spring!


Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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